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No Plugs ... No Roachs ... Smoke All Your Grass with Ful Smox

Paying $200, $300 or more per ounce makes it nice to smoke the whole joint. With FulSmox you can do this

1) NO RUNNS: as the heat flows in the center of your smoke. With all new technology applied to the
FulSmox holder runs on the side are controlled. Long gone are those days of plugged and runny
joints from a high concentration of tar.

2) NO PLUGGING: The problems of straining, sucking on a plugged joint due to a concentration
of tar are gone. Oh Yeah, remember the problem of your pipe plugging? Well, you can smoke out
of a FulSmox Shooter 24/7 and it will not plug from tar ... GUARANTEED!

3) LONGER SMOKE: The FulSmox Shooter creates a heat core in the center causing the leaf to
burn more easily. The closer you get to the roach, the easier it is to smoke. WOW, no more roaches!

FulSmox are Made in the USA. FulSmox works with any hand or machine rolled cigarette
and is ideal for those who smoke Marijuana, medical or otherwise. Get yours today~!

Get your FulSmox Shooters Today!

More Information: FulSmox@gmail.com

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