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No Plugs ... No Roachs ... No Waste
Smoke All Your Expensive Grass

2" Long . . . . . 3/8" Diameter

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How Ful-Smox Works
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Patent # US 8505549


Marijuana... also known as or called cannabis, hashish, hemp, sinsemilla,; pot, dope, grass, weed, Mary Jane,bud, hash, bhang, kef, ganja and it is now legal in many states. When rolled ready to smoke the cigarette is known as a blunt bone doob doobie exotic cheroot jimmy joint Mary Jane reefer spliff toke tube. FulSmox is a holder for Marijuana, Cannabis joints that allows the pot smoker to use all his B>expensive stash. The end of FulSmox is threaded so that the joint is held firmly. There is no roach and no waste since you smoke everything. Pot is B>expensive so it is important and there is no loss. Waste costs money and marijuana and Cannabis is very expensive. A pot smoker saves more than the FulSmox cost in the first use. Smoke one joint and you have your cost back and your FulSmox is free and paid for. You can become a joint holder distributor, blunt holder distributor, cigarette holder distributor selling blunt holder, blunt holder online, hand rolled cigarette holder, joint holder, joint holder online or you can use your own FulSmox and buy joint holder, buy rolled cigarette holder, buy rolled tobacco holder You can also become a rolled cigarette holder distributor, rolled joint holder distributor, rolled blunt holder distributor by contacting FulSmox today.

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